Third Class Certificate Holder: Your Career might be Heading for the Rock?

Every year, the nation produces thousands of graduates yet there are fewer employments. Out of these graduates, hundreds of thousands of these graduates, graduate with distinction followed by their Second Class counterparts. Others came out with a third class or a pass for some reason. Naturally, candidates who fall under the latter are always at a disadvantage professionally but that’s not the end of their career. Since it’s not the end of their career, what is needed?

We all know that getting employment is very difficult especially for holders of First Class and Second Class certificates not to talk about those who possess lower degree certificates. Naturally, employers seek First Class holders followed by their Second Class Upper counterparts before considering the Second Class Lower candidates. So job applicants who fall under this category (Third Class and Pass) need to improve themselves vigorously.

To move from the disadvantaged position to the advantageous side, you need to channel your strength more into acquiring relevant recognized professional certificate certificates in your field. For example, if you have a Third Class or a Pass in your Bsc or HND in Accountancy, you need to acquire ACA or ACCA certification. This will help balance the equation or better still, give you an edge. The fact that you have a lower certification in your degree does not mean you are career dead. You need to restrategize and I bet you, you will succeed career-wise.

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