There is no way you will live in this wicked world and someone will not offend, upset or even piss us off. This is a normal occurrence and consciously or sub-consciously we always look forward to it from time to time. This is simply because we are different from others. Our ways of thinking, reasoning, handling things etc. varies from person to person. But how should we react when other people offends us? We need to settle it outrightly if we can. But peradventure we are unable to do that, we should never try to transfer our aggression to someone else. How can someone transfer aggression to someone else? Let me give you a scenario.

Imagine you are driving home after a hectic day and someone bashed your car from behind. Obviously there will be some heated argument especially when the parties involve are not reasonable enough. Rather than you to sort it out there and let it go, you got home and probably blaming everyone that crosses your path for your bad day. Or you raise your voice at the slightest provocation. That’s what a transfer of aggression is! You may wonder why transfer of aggression is bad? Simply put, how would you feel getting punished for something you didn’t do? Happy right? Obviously not! So before you blame or transfer your aggression on/to someone else, ask yourself, “will I be happy if someone should punish me for what I didn’t do?” Let us all be reasonable.