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Hello, are you a guest poster or writer, and are you looking at publishing your mind-blowing articles for the world to see? Dominic Golden Blog is pleased to announce to you that we are currently accepting guest posting on our blog and we will be pleased to have you on board. This is an online blog where we post our opinion on everything and anything that catches our attention or we feel like talking about as well as tips and comment on lifestyle, movie reviews, and of course career tips. It is therefore important that guest posts are written in that line. It is also important that guest posters should know the following:

  1. There is no minimum or maximum words limit but it is advisable to keep your articles short and straight to the point
  2. Do not spam this blog with lots of links. We reserve the right to remove some links from your article
  3. The article must not have been submitted anywhere else before or after appearing on this blog. Originality is non-negotiable here.
  4. No plagiarism. All articles on this blog are 100% original and have never been published anywhere. This culture has come to stay and we are not looking at stopping anytime soon
  5. This blog reserve the exclusive right to make modifications, adjustments, or delete it if need be
  6. This blog also reserves the right not to publish an article if it becomes necessary to do so
  7. No foul, hate, racism, sexism language
We are looking forward to a successful collaboration 🤓🤓🤓
Please email all articles with the subject GUEST POST to dominicgoldenblog@gmail.com

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