How do you pursue peace at homw? Nobody is immune to anger or getting angry. We live in a world where people get on our nerves or are not pleased with what we do or how we do them.

Inasmuch as its justifiable to a reasonable degree to be angry, it is never advisable to allow it continue for so long especially when it comes to members of your own family. Do you know why? Because it destroys home. Making peace at home is not an easy task but its not impossible. Why no take a critical look at these 6 ways to pursue peace at home.


  1. TAKE A WALK: if your emotion is volatile, it will be very helpful for you to walk away from such environment or situation temporary. That doesn’t make you weak or a coward but a wise person. By taking time off from such a situation, it will calm you down to take a saner decision than when you are upset
  2. CONSIDER OTHERS FEELINGS: Always give time for others to express themselves. Listen when they speak and do not interrupt them in the course of their expression. Always acknowledge their feelings at all times
  3. STOP TIT FOR TAT: Tit for Tat simply means retaliation. Do not forget that an injury to one is an injury to all. Trying to hurt any member of your family simply because they hurt you is not good. As a matter of fact its like hurting oneself
  4. WATCH WHAT YOU SAY: It is important to always watch what you say to others. Am a great fan of the “Golden Rule”. Only say things that you know that you can accept when they are said to you. What you say can actually kill another
  5. CONTROL YOUR TONE: Sometimes trying to make a point when someone don’t seem to agree with us, we tend to have a higher pitch. In most places, “shouting” especially when talking to those superior to us can be classified as been “rude”. So, whenever you are trying to make a point even when its a heated one, try and reduce your tone/tempo.
  6. ALWAYS APOLOGISE: Like i always say, apologizing to someone do not make you weak but strong. It takes a strong person to put their pride and ego aside. A simple “Am sorry, please, forgive me” can turn a situation around.

I hope these highlighted practical steps will help you in restoring peace back to your home.