Have you heard someone say he/she has been served breakfast or vice versa? Or perhaps you have been hearing people say things like they know someone who got served breakfast and you’re silently wishing “God When”? Well, I’d employ you to stop wishing for something you do not understand,lol.

Well, you might be thinking who are these generous individuals who are always sharing breakfast up and down and wants a share? Well do not let long throat to worry you too much cos I’m about to explain to you what the breakfast really means.

To be served breakfast is a popular ongoing slangs which means “to be heartbroken”. It is a slang used for people who either got dumped or played by their lovers. So when next someone says they want to serve you a delicious, spicy and unforgettable breakfast, you’d want to ask them which breakfast are they really referring to lol. This type of breakfast can lead to depression, stroke or even death.