What Will You Do If You Walk-in and find Your Brother-In-Law Beating Your Sister Mercilessly

What will you do if you find your brother-in-law beating your sister like this? Wait let me first of all laugh in Spanish, quequequequequequequequeque. Ok, I think I’m done laughing in Spanish but let me say he will not try it. In fact, he should just run away. I don’t need to be there or see it myself, let me just even hear of it, then he will have to answer whether we begged him to marry her or she was forced on him. But for the sake of this question, this is what I will do;

  1. When I enter, I will first greet them in a low tone while focusing on my sister to read her facial expression or see maybe she’s trying to communicate with me via eye contact
  2. If he was foolish enough not to stop, I will grab him from behind and we will begin WWE. But if he has sense and stops beating her, I no go still gree (we must fight that fight, lol)
  3. I will start in a very low tone telling him what he’s doing is very bad. While I’m talking to him, I will make sure I dey put small small curses inside to make him react (I sabi get bad mouth if I want to, lol) and won’t stop talking just to piss him off. He must react o because I need a valid reason to fight, lol
  4. Once he reacts, I will jejely off my shirt and ija ti beere l’eko (fight e yaff start be that o)
  5. We die there, lol

Nonsense upon ingredients. Mtchewwwwwww.

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