Who is a Direct Entry Student?

I have been asked too often who is a DE student? Well to answer that, let me, first of all, tell you what is DE. DE simply means Direct Entry and a DE student is known as a Direct Entry student/applicant. So with this little introduction, let me explain who a Direct Entry (DE) student is.

A Direct Entry student is a student who is applying to study in any higher institute of learning but has previously attended or possesses certificate(s) from a post-secondary school. In Nigeria, a student who seeks to apply for admission into the university or polytechnic (usually for an HND) will have to possess either an NCE, OND or an acceptable university foundation diploma. In some cases, HND and B.Sc are also used by Direct Entry students to gain admission into the university.

In Nigeria, a Direct Entry student is usually excepted to start from 200L as the minimum starting point because they possess additional experience and certification.

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