A father is usually the oldest male and the head of a nuclear family (In Nigeria, it’s rare to see a family where the wife is older. It exists but rare like I said). It is expected of him to act as the “Legislative” in the family while the mother is to serve as the “Executive” (so to say). A father is also expected to exercise some certain right over a child inasmuch as his not depriving his child’s right such as right to good health, basic education, food, shelter, clothing etc.

It is the responsibility of a father (mother inclusive) to raise his child and provide for his household. Failure to do that, such man is considered worst than someone without faith (so the Bible says). If any father had failed to as little as care for his child, then he has failed as a father. He shouldn’t even be allowed to have a say in the life of the child when he/she grows up.

So if you are a father and fall under that category, you may want to readjust so that you won’t watch someone else enjoy what you are supposed to be enjoying as a father.

There is still time to make amends and care for your child. Do not bring in a life to this world when you are not ready mentally, financially and psychologically. There is nothing as spiteful and humiliating not been acknowledged as a father. You necessarily do not need to be rich to show your child that you love him/her. They need your reassuring words, your attention and your protection. Do not deny them of these. I pray may all the fathers in the world reap the fruit of their labour on their child. Amen!