Why are Most Step-Mothers Wicked?

From the time I have been very little, I have always known most stepmothers to be extremely wicked. I grew up in an environment that was quite populated and know some children who have stepmothers. Most of them had stepmothers simply because they lost their mothers at a very tender age. But what keeps baffling me is that, why are they always wicked? Since their supposed rival is not alive, why maltreat their children? How can someone be jealous or hate a dead person so much that they transfer such hate and bitterness to her offspring?

“Children are a trust from God”

Do these stepmothers think that their step-children will be more prosperous than their children or that their husband will leave his properties for his children from the late woman? Ok, I know this could be one valid reason for wicked stepmothers however, what about those wicked stepmothers in poor families? Like their husband is poor and has nothing to his name and yet she still maltreats his children from his late wife? What will be her reason since she isn’t doing it for inheritance or wealth? I do not know the rationale behind this but if anyone knows, Biko let them share with me cos it is irritating.

If you are one of these wicked stepmothers, I will implore you to stop and start treating your stepchildren as yours. This life is very deep and can be extremely unpredictable. The child(ren) that you are maltreating now could be your saving grace tomorrow or for that of your children. It is not a big deal to love someone. Do not allow the hatred you have for your co-wife to deprive you of everlasting love from your stepchildren.

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