I know some of you will say my own is too much with this POWER series of a thing but you can’t blame me na. I still have plenty of time at hand and I’m still watching this TV series. Am currently on season five and this Tariq of a boy is already pissing me off. So far I have written the review of POWER (read it HERE) and have also written about Tariq’s mum (read it HERE too). Now I want to write about Tariq himself.

Tariq St Patrick who should be between the ages of 13-15 years old is the only son of James St Patrick and twin brother to her sister, Raina in the Television series, Power. He caused the death of his twin sister, Raina when he started keeping bad company with Andre Coleman aka Dre and Kanan (portrayed by 50cent) which lead him to meeting with Ray Ray that shot and killed Raina.

Let’s assume he made a mistake by keeping those bad company, when he realized that those people are bad, why is he bent on been destroyed? Despite what it costed his family, shouldn’t he had backed off? He kept contacting Kanaan who is bent on ruining his life despite his parents and Tommy Egan’s advice to keep off Dre and Kanaan. Now he has started living a ghetto and gangster life despite having all money could buy?

I think the Americans’ style of raising kids isn’t pretty cool if you ask me. Kids needs to learn and stay at their space. It’s good to be inquisitive but not at the detriment of your own life and that of your family. There is a popular adage in Nigeria that says “if a child starts seeking for what killed his father, the stuff might end of killing the child”. Inasmuch as am not saying that it is wrong to seek for answers to some things unknown, but it has to be to something that should improve you and not the other way round.

I know some of you may really not know why am ranting like this, but if you watch this television series, Power, you will understand more.