Why Most Job Applicants are Never Picked

There are so many reasons most job applicants are never picked and that’s what I will be discussing in this article. I will go straight to the point and try as much as possible to keep it brief and short. Most job applicants are the architect of their failures. Why do I say so? Most of them overlook little things which they consider insignificant. What are those minor and insignificant mistakes that job applicants do? Let’s discuss five points.

  1. Applying for jobs outside their field
  2. Poor Curriculum Vitae
  3. Lack of experience
  4. Frequent job change
  5. Absence of a cover letter
Now let’s pick one after the other and see how we can improve on them.
  • APPLYING FOR JOB OUTSIDE YOUR FIELD: Always stick to jobs within your area of specialty except you studied something like Accountancy or Secretarial Studies etc., because these can work just in any sector or industry
  • POOR CURRICULUM VITAE: Most job applicants do not know how to write professional curriculum vitae popularly called a CV. Like they say, “Dress the way you want to be addressed”. The first thing an employer sees is your CV and it speaks on behalf of you. Look for how professional CVs are written or better still, look for who to help. I know Jobberman and others help people in writing good CVs for some token.
  • LACK OF EXPERIENCE: Some employers do not care if you made a distinction or a third class but want what you can offer. When you do not have sufficient job experience, then there is a problem. Why not consider working with a good firm even if the pay is small. This will give you an edge rather than sitting at home waiting for your dream job to click. The accumulated experience can pay off in the long run
  • FREQUENT JOB CHANGE: Some people change jobs bi-annually and annually. That’s a bad career habit. Even if you do change jobs that frequently, avoid putting it on your CV. It presents you as an inconsistent person before your potential employer. Every organization tries as much as possible to reduce the rate of labor turnover and will never employ someone who has a history of changing jobs frequently.
  • ABSENCE OF COVER LETTER: Your cover letter is everything. It gives you an edge over other competitors. Remember, you are not the only one applying for that job/post. Draft and always send your cover letter together whenever you are sending your CV. It covers what you couldn’t put inside your CV. It gives you the chance to express yourself more professionally. A good cover letter is a badass and you should look it up on the internet to see how to write one if you already do not know how to write, or better still, get the services of a professional writer.
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