I was indoor almost all through the day and ofcos, I was kinda bored. Since I was bored, I decided to ‘kill’ time by watching an old movie titled “Blood Diamond (2006)” directed by Edward Zwick. Saying am heartbroken will just be an understatement. Please and please I beg y’all in the name of God Almighty, do not let anyone talk you into fighting one another just to gain either independence, right, change, religion, voice etc. See it goes beyond that. These people will not tell you the aftermath effect of a civil war. It is extremely terrible.

See, civil war does more harm than good. It will set you back times ten or more from where you are right now (that’s if the person is fortunate to be alive). Never let anyone brainwash you into picking up arms/weapons to fight your neighbour all because they told you to do so especially when their own children, father, mother, brothers, sisters, or all their families are not carrying arms too. Do not be deceived.
Yes we may be suffering and living below the poverty line but there is always hope provided you are hardworking, consistent, determined and patient. I really do not know how to explain in such a language that you can understand but just try and watch this movie or any one related to it (I think Hotel Rwanda or so). Please let’s always think and act right biko I beg y’all.

May God not let us experience civil war (or any other war) during our life time cos it’s bloody.