Yahoo Yahoo is the nickname given by Nigerians for internet fraud. Thus a ‘Yahoo Boy or Girl’ is known as an internet fraudster. Yahoo Yahoo module operandi (which they call ‘format’) varies in which they use to dishonestly extract money from unsuspecting individuals (called ‘maga’). These formats include

  1. Posing as a girl/lady promising to show nudity or perform sexual acts for a fee over the internet
  2. Impersonating a firm or an individual
  3. Posing as a representative of a conglomerate and ready to do business on behalf of the supposed business
  4. Acting as a homosexual and promising same sex marriage to their victims (who are obviously homosexuals)
  5. Posing as an orphan whose family died in a pitiable condition and how he/she has been suffering
  6. Asking you to claim or redeem a prize/insurance/business/inheritance you are not aware of (anyone that falls for this is also a greedy person)

Although Yahoo Yahoo targets more of wealthy foreigners (especially the whites) but it has extended its operations to wealthy citizens of Nigeria.

According to those who engage in this internet fraud (yahoo boys) they claimed that they are either fighting on behalf of their forefathers who were manhandled and slaved in foreign lands centuries ago or that they are trying to augment the gap between the rich and the poor.

It is no doubt that the society now claps for those who engages in this internet fraud business. It’s also so disappointing seeing parents wishing and aiding their child/ward and helping them with diabolic powers for this dishonorable act.