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Movie Review: Lesbian Club

This Nollywood movie titled lesbian club is somehow interesting but the title is misleading. Most times, movie titles make you curious and want to know what happened in the movie. Although the movie is just like an average Nollywood storyline of grass to grace kinda movie it is nothing near its title. I am wondering what the person who titled this movie was thinking, lol.

Lesbian club Nollywood movie is a story of a village king who was trying to get a suitable wife for his son the prince. The king organized a contest among the village girls in his kingdom and picked the finest of them all. His selection was based on those who were beautiful and also intelligent. The king successfully picked 7 girls from each clan in his kingdom to contest for the heart of the prince. Among the girls chosen were Amara, Tessy, and Abigail.

Abigail is the daughter of one of the chiefs of the Igwe’s cabinet while Amara was an orphan who lived with his stepmother and sister who were bent on destroying her life at every opportunity they get. Despite their frustration against Amara in other to stop her from attending the contest, she went against all odds. The contest was held at the Igwe’s palace and the Igwe forbade anyone (not even the chiefs) from visiting the palace as long as the contest was held.

It was revealed in the movie that no one knows the king’s children because they were taken away when they were little children to Ghana where they lived and schooled all their lives. Because the Igwe did not have absolute trust in his people, he decided to get someone who would genuinely love his son and not solely for wealth, riches, and power.

The contest began just like the Igwe has wanted and told all the girls to be themselves as they would be watched and accessed. All the girls except Amara kept forming posh and treating the guards with so much disdain. All the girls were desperate and did desperate things except Amara because she was used to suffering and didn’t care to impress anyone. She made friends with the head of the palace guard and urged him to help her secure a maid job in the palace because she did not want to go back to her wicked stepmother and sister and would prefer to stay in the king’s court.

Abigail’s father is an extremely diabolical man and he found a way of smuggling in a love charm for her daughter to use to entice the prince. When the prince arrived, Abigail used the love charm brought in by her father and the prince found love in Abigail.

But there was a great twist at the contest’s finale where the winner would be announced. Do you know what happened and who found favor in the eyes of the prince? I know most of you want to know too.  I know some Nollywood movies can be predictable but can you predict what happened next?

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