Movie Review: Lockdown Nollywood Movie

Lockdown Nollywood movie is one of the best from Moses Inwang. This is like a replica of what we went through during the covid-19 period. Lockdown movie is star-packed with lots of notables faces such as Omotola Jalade Ekehinde, Sola Shobowale, Josh2funny, Ini-Dinma Okojie, Nasboi, Tony Umez, Ada Ameh, Chioma Chukwuka, Charles Awurum, Peter Okoye of P-square, Nobert Young, etc. Lockdown Nollywood movie started with how different people found their way to The Calvary Hospital where they were all locked down.

A white expatriate who boarded a flight from Tripoli Libya to the Muritala Muhammed International Airport was showing symptoms of a deadly virus called the holo virus. Upon arrival, the expatriate was already in very bad shape as he was coughing out blood but was still managing himself so that he could get to his meeting. After he was picked up from the airport by the driver, his symptoms deteriorated and he was rushed to The Calvary Hospital where was admitted and discovered he was a carrier of the deadly holo virus.

Sunny is an ordinary hustling Nigerian who is trying to make it in life. He was trying to do lots of legit work to make needs meet and this included playing the lottery. Sunny played the Zoom lotto and was announced in a live draw that he won the jackpot of 10 million Naira.

Sunny and his father were so happy in their one-room apartment and out of excitement, his father lifted him up and the ceiling fan cut his hand in the process, and was bleeding profusely. Sunny’s father gave him money meant for their house rent so he can quickly go treat himself to enable him to go redeem his prize as the rule states that it is only the winner that can claim the prize, and has only 5 days to do so. Sunny went to several local chemists but they rejected him. His childhood friend Jasper drove him on his keke to The Calvary Hospital.

Angela is a young graduate who went for a job interview and upon getting there, she discovered that she didn’t have a medical report which was one of the requirements amongst the documents she was to present, upon learning about that, she quickly rushed out to go run the medical test so she can get the certificate and back before it gets to her turn to be interviewed. The closest hospital to her from the venue was The Calvary Hospital.

Mr. Martins was a dispatch rider who works with a logistics company. He has been delivering items to clients since morning but came to collect his daily wage from the receptionist/cashier but was reminded that he has one more parcel to be delivered to Dr. Jones who works at The Calvary Hospital. Mr. Martins’s plea to the receptionist/cashier to pay him so that he could go buy drugs for his sick wife who has been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, fell on deaf ears, so Mr. Martin set out to make the last delivery at The Calvary Hospital.

Kunle and his best man, Sam were on their way to the court for Kunle’s court wedding. As they were talking while the best man drives, they almost ran into another vehicle that drove recklessly. As they tried to find out why the driver drove the way he droved, they discovered that the reckless driver had knocked down a little girl. Kunle tried to help the now unconscious little girl but Sam tried to stop him. Kunle finally got off the car against Sam’s wish, picked up the little girl, and headed to the nearest hospital. The nearest hospital from the scene of the accident was The Calvary Hospital.

When the white expatriate was brought in and have been diagnosed to be carrying the deadly holo virus, the head doctor, Dr. Jones ordered that the hospital be locked and movement restricted, therefore preventing people from going or coming to the hospital while she puts a call to the state minister of health. When the personnel from the ministry arrived, they ordered that the hospital be locked down and everyone inside be quarantined for 21days pending when they are tested and certified holo virus free.

Do you think this development will be welcomed by Sunny who has 10 million Naira to cashout latest in 5 days? Or will Kunle let go of his wedding to his beautiful bride? Or will Mr. Martins abandon his sick wife who has no one to care for or buy her drugs? If you want to get answers to these questions, please watch this Nollywood blockbuster, The Lockdown.

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