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Movie Review: The Razz Guy

The Razz Guy is a 2022 Nollywood film by Udoka Oyeka and has some notable celebrities featured in it. Some of these Nigerian celebrities include Nancy Isime, Iretiola Doyle, Lasisi Elenu the social media influencer, Tina Mba, Broda Shaggy, Frank Donga, and the rest of them.

The Razz Guy is a story of a successful proud and arrogant lawyer named Temi Johnson who is not just very good at his job but also his vocabulary. He is very fond of correcting people whenever they speak to him and commits grammatical blunders. To Temi Johnson, he believes English is the yardstick for measuring intelligence and he doesn’t spare anyone his wrath when they make grammatical blunders. Temi Johnson has some interns he mentors but he is used to constantly belittling and disrespecting them all in the name of correcting their grammar. Sometimes when these people are pissed, they snap their fingers at him.

There happens to be an elderly cleaner in Temi Johnson’s firm and he has been carefully observing his attitude toward others and wasn’t pleased with his character. One day the elderly cleaner was cleaning Temi Johnson’s office and he made a grammatical blunder, as usual, Temi Johnson was pissed and corrected him.

The man asked Temi Johnson if it is right to constantly correct people for their spoken English, and Temi johnson answered in the affirmative and also added that it pisses him off when people speak bad English. the old man asked Temi if he believed in superstitions because in his place when different people snap their fingers at a particular person three times, bad things do befall such a person. Temi shoved it aside and then the old man snapped at Temi.

Before Temi Johnson’s encounter with the old man, he was to speak about a big project for his firm and he was sure going to ace it but after the old man snapped at him for the third time that day, Temi Johnson fell asleep in his office chair and slept till the next day which happens to be the day of his presentation.

On the day of his presentation, Temi Johnson woke up and discovers that he couldn’t speak good English anymore but speaks like a garage tout and has bad etiquette like picking his nose in public places, talking indiscriminately, and the rest of them. His roommate and brother Dare Johnson and the sister were looking for a solution and spent lots of money yet there was no solution. He later realized that the old man changed his speech and etiquette with that of a tout.

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Now I know you may be wondering why didn’t Temi confront the old man since he works in the same firm as him. I also know you might be curious to know if Temi Johnson eventually got his voice back and if he was able to apprehend the old man who did that to him and dealt with him badly. What do you think will happen at the end of this movie? I am not going to tell you because I want you to find out yourself, lol.

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