Gender transitioning and crossdressing

Gender Transitioning and Cross Dressing

Gender transitioning and crossdressing are not the same things. There are so many sexual orientations in the world today and gender transitioning, as well as crossdressing, are part of them. To some, crossdressing and gender transitioning are the same things since they both belong to the same category of LGBTQ+. What are the differences between crossdressing and gender transitioning? To begin let’s, first of all, define these terms.

Crossdressing is an act of wearing the “clothing” of the opposite sex while gender transitioning involves more. Gender transitioning is the process of changing one’s gender presentation or sex characteristics to accord with one’s internal sense of gender identity – the idea of what it means to be a man or a woman, or to be non-binary or genderqueer. It is also to note that anyone who crossdresses is known as a crossdresser while anyone who changes their assigned sex at birth to the opposite sex (usually surgically) is known as a transgender.

A crossdresser is someone who wears the physique of the opposite gender. It is a temporary make-believe representation of the opposite gender which is usually accomplished by using costumes and a crossdresser can easily transform or appears into any of the genders temporarily he/she deems fit. On the other hand, a transgender is a person who transitions or changes from one gender assigned at birth into another.

Unlike crossdressing, gender transgendering is a permanent adjustment to the body and this involves lots of procedures that included alteration of the body parts. Are there differences between the two of them? The answer is a resounding yes! There is a huge difference between cross-dressing and transitioning. What is the huge difference between crossdressing and transgender?

There are quite several differences between crossdressing and gender transitioning. Let’s compare the difference and similarities.

  • Crossdressing is temporary while gender transgender is permanent.
  • Crossdressing can be achieved by using costumes while gender transgender is only achieved by medical procedures
  • Crossdressing is not expensive but gender transitioning costs a fortune, as well as lots of medical, follow-up life-threatening
  • Crossdressing is safe and fast but gender transgender is risky, life-threatening, and takes years to fully transition
  • Crossdressing can be reversed but gender transitioning cannot be reversed and even if it can, it is going to be life-threatening
  • Crossdressing does not involve mutilation of the body parts but gender transitioning required mutilation of the body part

So when next someone asks you if crossdressing and gender transitioning are the same thing, I believe you know what to say now, lol.

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