Gender transitioning for minor is wrong

Gender transitioning for a minor is not right and I am saying it with my full chest. I am not against anyone who wants to transition from their assigned gender at birth to their preferred gender, however, helping a minor to make such a life-changing decision is cruel. I am an advocate of allowing the party or parties involved to make their own informed decision and they should be an adult with sound minds rather than be coerced to do so.

The reason why I feel parents or guardians of such a child/ward should not make such a decision is simply that it could be one of those juvenile exuberances or they could be passing through a particular phase of their life that will impair their sense of reasoning. We all know that this exuberance is fleeting and passes away with time. So what happens when such a child passes that stage and discovers that what they had earlier wished for wasn’t what they really needed?

I may not be against transitioning but definitely won’t support transitioning for a minor. I think it is appropriate to allow children to be children and allow them to enjoy their fundamental rights. Although I know parents are legal guardians and are allowed to take basic to complex decisions on behalf of a minor, I do not think this should be part of the decision they should take for their child(ren).

I think we should allow children to attain adulthood so they can make their own decisions and choices. Children pass through different phases in their lives and what if this is one of them? What if such a child later wants the gender assigned to them at birth? What happens then?

Parents should learn that a child can not or should not get everything they desire because not all wishes should be granted. I would even suggest that rather than transition a minor, why not crossdresser such a child pending when they attain adulthood. That was such a child will have to decide whether or not they want to make a permanent change.

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Dominic holds a BSc in Accounting and an MSc in Economics from reputable universities in Nigeria and Poland respectively. He is a practicing accountant but hopes to one day become a certified financial analyst.

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