Scars to your beautiful

Your Scars are Beautiful

Your scars are beautiful and I want you to know that. To everyone who is battling any form of depression or physical deformation or disability, I want to tell you that you are not only strong and bold but also beautiful. No matter what anyone might have said or will say to you, I just want you to know that you’re beautiful and dearly cherished by me and millions of others in the world. It takes a bold and strong person like you to fight the kind of battle that you’re fighting.

I know sometimes society directly or indirectly tells us how to live in a particular way to be happy with ourselves. They set standards based on their understanding and strength, and want others to follow suit forgetting that each person is unique in their own form. They make it look like we can’t either find happiness or be happy if we do not follow their standard of happiness or beauty.

But I want you to know today that beauty goes beyond the physique, looks, shape, size, and color. These qualities aren’t tangible and it will be so unfair for anybody to be judged by these standards. I also want you to know that beauty comes in endless forms and you can be beautiful in as many ways as you can, and I urge you to look deeper into these forms to recognize them. You are beautiful and special so do not allow anyone to tell you otherwise.

Please if you can, I want you to listen to this beautiful song titled Scars to your beautiful by Alessia Cara and I am dedicating it to you. I love you and continue to be strong.

About Dominic Golden

Dominic holds a BSc in Accounting and an MSc in Economics from reputable universities in Nigeria and Poland respectively. He is a practicing accountant but hopes to one day become a certified financial analyst.

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