This is my very own privacy page lol, and thank you for checking out my blog. I hope you find it interesting. The articles on this blog are 100% mine and original contents and I can guarantee you that they have not been featured elsewhere (except otherwise stated).

I appreciate the fact that you find my articles interesting but please if you must lift anything in whole or in part, please all I am asking for is an acknowledgment.

Your acknowledgment should come in form of a link back to my website and mention that I am the original writer of the article. You do not necessarily need to write me before you can take anything from this blog but please, acknowledge me. That way, you will be patting my back telling me well done 😁. 

If what am asking for is too much for you, biko, please, dakun, da Allah, mbok don’t take anything or else, we go scatter our dada for social media. I know you wouldn’t want us to do that? Or do you?

Be that as it may, I guess we are good ☺. Now run along and look out for more articles on my darling blog lol.