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Movie Series: Between Empire and Power?

If you do not understand what I mean by the above topic, let me explain it more clearly. I am asking between these two televisions series, EMPIRE, and POWER, which is better or which do you prefer? Why am writing this article is simply because these series are quite popular according to online polls and are overly hyped. Before I compare and contrast, let me quickly do a brief analysis of both series because I have watched them both (wink). To me, they are very okay and the overhyping was worth it too.

EMPIREhas a storyline of a man named Luscious Lyon who is/was a drug dealer. From the flashbacks, it was discovered that Luscious who grew up on the street made his first millions on drugs but it would result in him going to prison. His wife stood up for him and went to prison on his behalf just for him to pursue his musical career and raise their three boys. While the wife (named Cookie) was in prison, his husband visited her a couple of times and stopped showing up. He also built an empire and got engaged to another woman named Anika. Upon serving her 17years in prison, Cookie came out a bitter woman and wanted half of the Luscious empire. This development leads to several problems in the family, business, and in the hood. Luscious and Cookie Lyon have three boys together named Andre, Jamal, and Hakeem. Luscious is an artist himself and also owns one of the best recording labels in town, so he also wanted one of his sons to succeed him when he might have gone, but this he finds very difficult. Why? Andre Lyon is the first son and he is the only child to have acquired a secular education up to an MBA level in Accounting/Finance. Luscious is extremely afraid of handing over the empire to him because he is over-ambitious and had tried killing him. Apart from that, he has bipolar and had stopped receiving treatment. Jamal Lyon, the finest of the three (to me o) is a very good singer who sings more of RnB, Soul, and Pop. He is easygoing and does not like violence. His father likes those things about him but hates the fact that he’s gay. Luscious hatred for him is so strong that he had once thrown him into the trash can when he was a little boy. Hakeem Lyon, the last of three is the father’s favorite because he’s a strong rap star and delivers what the ghetto wants but his a chain smoker, a chronicle womanizer, and he lives a debauched lifestyle. Although Luscious likes Hakeem, he fears that he may/will crumble the whole empire in the shortest period.

POWERhas a storyline of a man named James Saint Patrick aka ghost who is the leader of the distro of cocaine in New York City. Ghost as his popularly called by those who know his drugs dealings is married to Tasha and they have three kids together named Tariq, Raina, and Yasmin. James runs one of the biggest nightclubs in Manhattan, New York City. James’ problems started when he met his first love, AUSA Angela Valdes who happens to be a lawyer and a federal prosecutor, especially on drug cases. According to the storyline, it was discovered that the two lovebird lovebirds got separated by Angela’s father who never liked James because his a dangerous and ghetto kid who will be a bad influence on his daughter. After the reunion, their love life rekindled causing so much tension between James, Tasha, and Tommy Egan. Tommy Egan is James saint Patrick, best friend and, drug pusher partner of over 20years. They were all high schoolmates including AUSA Angela Valdes. Tommy Egan is considered family by Tasha and James thus making him uncle to James’ kids. James and Angela’s relationship resulted in James separating from his wife Tasha. Since James is in love with a federal prosecutor, he is trying so hard to be as clean as he can be thus doing all he can to get off the drug business which includes killing Felipe Lobos and Milan, etc. One of the problems James saint Patrick has again is that he has so much money but he can’t spend it simply because it’s untraceable and acquired illegally. That’s why he is channeling so much energy to make his nightclubs a hit so he can have some legit money for his family. Although, his love affairs with Angela fell out and the once sweet relationship went sour. Do you know what happened next? Goan watch it biko, lol.

Differences and Similarities between Empire and Power

Empire Power
Main character is Luscious Main character is James St. Patrick
The storyline is centered on drugs and ghetto The storyline is centered on drugs and ghetto
Luscious is married to Cookie James is married to Tasha
Luscious started having affairs with Anika James started having affairs with AUSA Angela Valdes
Luscious street name is Lyon James street name is Ghost
Luscious deals on drugs James deals on drugs
Luscious invested his drug money in music James invested his drug money in Night Club
Luscious best friend used to be Vernon Turner James best friend is Tommy Egan
Luscious is Older James is younger
Luscious has three biological kids with Cookie  James has three biological kids with Tasha


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