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The Real Housewives of Lagos Episode 1 (Clothing line Launching)

Previously on The Real Housewives of Lagos

The first episode of the series focused more on how the housewives met and the launching of Tiannah’s baby clothing line. For example, Iyabo Ojo has always heard about Carolyn Hutchings but has not met her in person and the same is with Tiannah and Chioma. Tiannah has invited Iyabo so that she can help her plan the launching, and more specifically with the venue. As they were to meet at the Brass and Copper restaurant, Iyabo suggested they use the place if the number of guests Tiannah is expecting wouldn’t be much. Tiannah bought the idea and not too long, Chioma walked in and exchanged pleasantries with the ladies, and introduced herself as the owner.

The ladies started gisting and Chioma took it upon herself to ensure that the clothing line launching was going to be a success. Tiannah invited Laura, Carolyn as well as Iyabo and Chioma. On the day of the launch, Iyabo, Chioma, and Carolyn came in much earlier before the event started but Laura came in almost when the event was over and this didn’t go down well with Tiannah who also had it in mind that whenever Laura invites her for her function that she is going to come when the event is almost over. As the girls were trying to bond, Laura was excluding herself from the whole discussion which didn’t go down well with the other girls.

They felt since Laura is a social media person who is known for her hyper activities and an extrovert lifestyle, they were expecting she was going to be the one giving everyone vibes rather it was Tiannah that kept talking not wanting them to have a dull moment. The truth why Laura wasn’t talking was she and Carolyn are not friends and they weren’t hiding it. They have their beef before the event.

Laura has known Chioma and sees her as a friend but it turns out that Chioma doesn’t see her as a friend. The girls were trying to form a new friendship, a clique, and were talking while taking shots of tequila but Laura says she doesn’t take alcohol. Iyabo enjoying the whole vibes and her new friendship with the girls offered to host them and suggested they go to the beach. All the girls were excited about it apart from Laura and she knew she was not going to go cos she didn’t like the markup of the clique.

I think Laura was jealous of the girls and maybe because she was not the center of attraction. Sincerely her attitude during the launch was appalling, to say the least. She was the drama queen for that day. I know the girls are dramatic but she was more. Also, I think she was jealous that Tiannah invited Carolyn cos from what she said, Tiannah and Carolyn used to be close but they fell out and Tiannah must have told Laura that she will never have anything to do with Carolyn again (probably added in this life, lol). I can understand if Laura was surprised seeing Tiannah heavily gisting with Carolyn and laughing but again I do not think it is enough to lock up as she did.

There is no need to say she does not pretend cos all the girls there are pretending. It is just that some are more obvious than others. My verdict is that Laura messed up and that was not cool. Let’s see what happened next at the beach and see if Laura would come. Watch out!

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