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The Real Housewives of Lagos Episode 3 (The Bohemian Theme Party)

Previously on The Real Housewives of Lagos

This episode 3 of the real housewives of Lagos is the best so far for me. It has lots of drama and breathtaking scenes. So where do I even start from? Well, the episode kicks off with Carolyn hosting the girls. She wanted a Bohemian kinda theme party. Like being in Bohemia but a Lagos kind of thing. She invited all the girls including Laura. Please allow me to digress a bit. In the last episode, Chioma invited Iyabo for a run, and Iyabo who wanted the friendship more than anyone else in the group accepted even though it is not her thing. So during the run exercise, Iyabo subtly engaged Chioma on how she felt about the beach hangout and the game they played. Although the game they played at the beach hangout was suggested by Iyabo.

It is a kinda game where you will have to whisper one of the characteristics of a member of the clique into the ear of another, then the person whom you whispered to will call the name of the person she feels has those characteristics, then she will nominate another member of the clique to guess what was said. Now the game was supposed to include the name of all the members of the clique whether they are present or not (this is very crafty from Iyabo). Anyways, Chioma felt the game was quite brutal and the questions were unnecessary but since it was a game, she was ok with it. Before the run exercise with Chioma, Iyabo had earlier invited Laura to a spa for chitchat (that’s what Iyabo said it was) but it was more of an ambush for Laura by Iyabo. Iyabo wanted to attack Laura and probably put her in her place.

But unfortunately for Iyabo, Laura was all over her and showered praises on Iyabo for how she had always loved and wished to be like her in quotes. Laura mentioned that Iyabo wasn’t the reason she didn’t come to the beach hangout but because of Carolyn and Chioma. She felt Chioma snubbed her and she wasn’t cool with that. Chioma on the other hand felt Laura wasn’t a friend of theirs. To Chioma, friendship is defined and has a deeper meaning to her. She sees Laura as her good customer who comes around to buy hair and she brings her friends too. She felt at most Laura should be an acquaintance and not a friend. Laura’s explanation that she didn’t appreciate her name being called in a game she isn’t part of was inappropriate and if she had been there and Carolyn had called her name, she would have slapped her. After the whole explanation, Iyabo was kinda a bit relaxed and she felt she had misjudged or misunderstood Laura. Laura apologized and they were good (or so I thought).

During the run exercise, Iyabo told Chioma that she invited Laura over to the spa and had a talk with her. She shared everything they discussed and also mentioned the part where Laura said she would slap Carolyn and this pissed Chioma off. Chioma went mad and said that if Laura dares slap Carolyn, she would return the favor to Laura. Chioma threatens to tell Carolyn.

At the “boho party”, Iyabo was the first to arrive and followed by Laura. There was so much eye service between Carolyn and Laura as they kept complimenting each other  The next to arrive was Chioma and she was gorgeously adorned in a flowery white wedding gown and Laura got pissed that she was getting lots of complement from Iyabo and Carolyn. Laura and Chioma only said “Hi” to each other but you can see that Chioma was frowning all through and wasn’t talking to Laura all through. Tiannah finally came and the girls’ hangout began properly.

Laura started by addressing the girls discussing her at the beach hangout and felt it was inappropriate. She also cited that she didn’t like Carolyn talking behind her. Carolyn was trying to explain herself when Iyabo mentioned that everything Laura told her, she had told Chioma already and this left Laura bewildered. Laura didn’t see that coming. Iyabo claims that she didn’t see it as a big deal because she isn’t owing her allegiance neither did she mention that she shouldn’t tell anyone. It was at this point that Carolyn lost it. She said how Laura’s sister Linda ruined her marriage and her life with her blog despite reaching out to her countless times. She said Linda wrote so many untrue things about her including her age and her daughter Elizabeth being fathered by another man other than Musa Danjuma. She also mentioned that her daughter had 2 holes in her heart and was battling with life yet Linda kept writing about her and her daughter. She said she can kill for her daughter just the same way Laura can kill for her family and siblings. Laura was a bit lost for words, apologizing, and giving attitudes at the same time.

I think Iyabo is the architect of this issue. It is bad enough that she started the game in the first place and I think she did it deliberately to get more information about how the girls feel for each other. To be candid, I feel it is not appropriate to have included Laura in the game since she didn’t attend the beach hangout. Including her when she wasn’t there was a deliberate attempt to gossip about her. As they say, you do not shave the hair of a child without his/her parent’s consent. It is inappropriate!

Carolyn was right about all she said about Laura. Although I like Linda as a person, she has destroyed many people with her blogs. I knew when she made the allegations that Carolyn’s daughter was fathered by the late Tagbo. I like that Chioma is a loyal friend (as of now o) and she volunteered to slap Laura if she ever slaps Carolyn was sweet.

For Laura, I think she fuelled this whole issue. It is fine to keep quiet when you do not have anything to say. For crying out loud, she said your sister ruined her marriage with her blog and wrote so many untrue things about her and you’re there defending your sister? I know we look out for family but again have empathy. In that situation, all you should say is NOTHING if you do not have anything to say rather than justifying that Linda is right. I love Linda a lot but on this, she got it wrong and Laura should have backed down. Also, my observation in this hangout was more like an ambush for Laura and she fell for it. She should have just held her peace or better still, leave that clique.

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