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Gender transitioning for minor is wrong


Gender transitioning for a minor is not right and I am saying it with my full chest. I am not against anyone who wants to transition from their assigned gender at birth to their preferred gender, however, helping a minor to make such a life-changing decision is cruel. I am …

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Consequences of Online Marriage

The online marriage I am referring to here is not the type of you meeting your spouse or lover online but rather the type where you bring everything that is happening in your private life online. Anything online is considered public and if you choose to be bringing your personal …

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Stop Hating your Uncles and Aunties

Stop hating or holding grudges against your aunties, uncles, and other family members whom you think are financially well to do but have refused to help you. The truth remains that it is not their responsibility to cater to you or help you. As sad as it might sound, it …

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Why are Most Step-Mothers Wicked?

From the time I have been very little, I have always known most stepmothers to be extremely wicked. I grew up in an environment that was quite populated and know some children who have stepmothers. Most of them had stepmothers simply because they lost their mothers at a very tender …

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Ladies, protect your underwear and family

protect your underwear

There is a need for ladies to protect their underwear. It is no longer news that some nonentities are going around stealing the underwear of ladies for ritual purposes. Since this development is surprising, you still need to remember that this is the end time. Just like the good book …

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Who is a Father and his Responsibility?

A father is usually the oldest male and the head of a nuclear family (In Nigeria, it’s rare to see a family where the wife is older. It exists but rare as I said). It is expected of him to act as the “Legislative” in the family while the mother …

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