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Movie Review: Ambulance Hollywood Movie


Ambulance is a 2022 released movie and it was centered on a failed bank robbery. William Sharp is an ex-military with a wife and a son. It seems like Williams was adopted by a man whose occupation was robbery. From the storyline, Williams must have been introduced to his adopted …

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Movie Review: Tyrant Part Two

Tyrant 2

CLICK HERE FOR PREVIOUSLY ON TYRANT Jamal had Bassam sedated and got someone else with the same physique as did his brother. It was a common practice in Abuddin to cover the face of a person sentenced to death by hanging. After the country had thought that Bassam had been …

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Movie Review: Tyrant Part One


I know that the Tyrant American series has been long but I’m still watching it, lol. Although I started watching it let’s say in 2014 or so it was only season one that was out then. I made several attempts to continue it but they kept taking time in releasing …

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