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Consequences of Online Marriage

The online marriage I am referring to here is not the type of you meeting your spouse or lover online but rather the type where you bring everything that is happening in your private life online. Anything online is considered public and if you choose to be bringing your personal …

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Show Love to People While They are Still Alive

show love

Once a person commits suicide, everyone comes to social media to say “they could have spoken to them” but they forget that many a time, these victims try to reach out to people whom they never get any response from. We are very good at showing fake love when someone …

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My Experience at Saki Oyo State


Have you heard or been to Saki? It was my host community during my NYSC and I spent one year of my life here and I’m glad I did. Without mincing words, Saki indigenes are extremely accomodating, especially to non-indigenes. I saw and felt the love. I enjoyed protection, free …

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Whoever Beefs Linda Ikeji is Evil


I doubt if there is any Nigerian that doesn’t know Linda Ikeji. But to fulfill all righteousness, lemme briefly say what I know about her.  Linda Ikeji is considered the number one blogger in Nigeria and she has retained that position for a few years now. Linda who is in …

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Meet the brain behind Soupamarket

I know many of you have heard of SoupaMarket while some of you have not heard about it and do not know what it’s all about. Well, just as the name implies, it’s a supermarket for soup thus named SoupaMarket (lol, don’t mind me o, that’s my interpretation of the …

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My Opinion about the Yoruba

I was born, breed schooled, and did virtually everything in Yoruba land. This set of people is very fashionable and are chief event planners. An average Yoruba person believes in an elaborate event even if it means borrowing or selling off some of their belongings. Out of all the three …

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