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Can you Share Same Toothbrush with Partner?

If someone should ask you if you can share your toothbrush with your partner be it your boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife, what would be your response? I know someone who vehemently refuses to do such as it is considered a personal effect and can lead to oral infection and the rest. Well, that …

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What it means to be served Breakfast


Have you heard someone say he/she has been served breakfast or vice versa? Or perhaps you have been hearing people say things like they know someone who got served breakfast and you’re silently wishing “God When”? Well, I’d implore you to stop wishing for something you do not understand, lol. …

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Nobody is too busy to care about you

too busy

Most times when we start a new relationship (either platonic or romantic) we usually dedicate our time and probably resources to ensure we spend more time with such person or people. However, as time goes on, we realize that there is a decline in the communication process. The truth is …

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