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Your Scars are Beautiful

Scars to your beautiful

Your scars are beautiful and I want you to know that. To everyone who is battling any form of depression or physical deformation or disability, I want to tell you that you are not only strong and bold but also beautiful. No matter what anyone might have said or will …

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Gender transitioning for minor is wrong


Gender transitioning for a minor is not right and I am saying it with my full chest. I am not against anyone who wants to transition from their assigned gender at birth to their preferred gender, however, helping a minor to make such a life-changing decision is cruel. I am …

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Society: The Cause of High Rate of Divorces

Society and divorce

Our society Nigeria is often referred to as the giant of Africa and that’s because, from the world’s standpoint, we ought to be. We are truly blessed in almost everything ranging from natural resources to talents, skills (both entrepreneurial and manpower skills) academic prowess, etc. But the fact remains that …

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